Saturday, March 12, 2016

Exploring the Island

We decided to head out on our own and explore the island!! 

This is the US Army Museum and unfortunately they were closed on the day we went to visit! Ugh

But we got to check out the military lodging...

Let me tell you, it was not too shabby!! 

It's right on the ocean!! 

The gardens on the property are amazing!

I love this guy!

We got to see them burying the roasting pig!

Detto decided to help too!

He's so cute!!

If we ever make it back to Oahu, we will stay here at the Hale Koa (pronounced Holly Koe-A)!! 
This is us in front of our hotel.
The Royal Hawaiian!!

Detto got ahold of the selfie stick!

I am so in love with him!!

(Yes, I am wearing a sweater. It was around 71 degree's and for this Florida girl that's cold!!)

We decided to hang out at the hotel!

They had a Koi Pond!! 
Too cool! 

Every picture that I took looks like it could be a post card! 

So beautiful!  It was right on the ocean, so the breeze was constant and amazing! 

We even checked out the gift shop!! 

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