Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Duke's Waikiki Beach ~ Dinner and a Parade

After we headed back to the room, we decided to go take a walk on the beach. 

Heading down the beach we found a bunch of people gathered around a live band, so we sat for a listen. 

The band was GREAT and we also enjoyed some people watching

Like this surfing babe! She was.... original.

 We decided to eat there because the music was so good. A bonus was that it happened to be on my top 10 restaurant list from my pre-vacation research!

It took us a while to get a seat so ..... I was very thirsty!

This was our view while eating!! 

Can you say paradise??

The band played and the people danced!

I ate some local fish.

This place was AMAZING!!

After dinner we decided to head out onto the main strip where we heard they were having a parade.

Check out this sunset!! 

He looks like he should live on this island!

These trees blew my mind!They are banyan trees and were brought to the island. They really thrive there. WOW!!

When they said parade they weren't kidding! 
I thought it would be a few floats and marching bands like at home, but this was the real deal! 
I will post more parade pictures tomorrow! 

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