Wednesday, July 30, 2014

San Antonio, Texas 2014 ~ Japanese Garden

I said that I was not going to go to Texas this year!!
Well, I am glad that I did! 
The airline ticket was so cheap I couldn't not fly to Texas!
The flight was CRAZY!! 
When I tried to leave Orlando my flight was canceled because lightening kept striking the airport. 
So I ended up flying to Colorado after a 3 hour delay and then a few hours layover. 
But, thankfully I arrived in San Antonio safely.This cracked me up... Salt and Pepper Shakers?? LOL
Detto and I decided to go and visit some of the sights in San Antonio. We started off at the Japanese Garden in San Antonio.

I love that Detto likes to play the tour guide even though he has never been there. 

This place was all made of rocks. So cool!

I loved the architecture.

The gardens in the front were beautiful.

I was so excited to see the gardens...

This is all carved out of gigantic trees. WOW

So pretty

My tour guide!

The explorer and his fearless companion!

It was so bright that it was hard not to squint.

Look at this place... WOW

Then we realized that the water of the gardens had been drained for construction. (play sad music here!)

It is still pretty, but would have been nicer with water in the pools!

Look at this kitty!

Texas does have some beautiful flowers.

The different types of cactus is so neat!!  
We decided to find some more gardens and so the explorer led the way!

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