Saturday, July 26, 2014

Around the House & Princess House!

Detto left to go to Texas this summer. 
He goes every year for military training and advancement. 
Whenever Daddy leaves the kids seem to forget how to do their chores...

So I came up with a way to help them without me nagging...
The trash is FULL!! so, take it out! 

Put up your stuff! It does not belong here.

It's empty... so where do I put it??How about the recycling bin?

It's the little things that make a lot of clutter.

Then this came in the mail! I earned this from Princess House! 
Yippy for me! It is a Hand Blown & Hand Engraved beverage dispenser! 

I went to our Florida meeting...

Lisa Scarberry was also there... 
She was honored for a TON of Stuff!

She was Crowned!

So proud! 

Then they called Ronnie up to answer some questions about Lisa's business.That was a hoot!

Afterwards Lisa and I got together and had wine on the back porch.No, it's not finished, but my swing is! 

Look what I got...

A set of 8 glasses! 
4 were for being a new consultant and 4 were for sales! 

I'm so happy! 

Bella update... She likes to shred paper. LOL

The rain has been CRAZY lately!

Do you see the standing water? 
This summer has been nice, but the rain has been crazy!
That's all for now folks!

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