Saturday, July 19, 2014

Abby's Spring Performance... Our Little Chicken!

Look at this crazy girl!

Abby was the cutest chicken there!

She made faces...

Hid in her costume...

clapped her hands...

And Danced! When noone else was dancing! LOL

She is so cute!

I love this face!

It was past her bed time, but that didn't slow her down too much! 

I think she is smelling her costume in this picture! LOL

"TA-DA!I'm here!!"

"What is your costume made of??"

We were laughing so hard we were crying! 
Noni and Popi were there too! Thankfully, Noni recorded the whole thing. I need a copy of that!! LOL

She's dancing again!

And then...She went for the microphone!

She decided to yell "Quack"!

(now, lets act like we didn't do anything!)

The cute farmer!

So adorable!

She can not ever sit still!

Let's chat!

She looks so cute and innocent!

Thumbs up! She is doing good!

Hee hee!

The kids were all great! 

She was the star of the show!

We gave her flowers!

She loved them!!

Uncle Detto said it was the best Spring Performance that he ever saw!! 

Look at my flowers!

And she got balloons!

Sissy and Abby!

The kids are so cute!

Happy Cousins!

This is what her costume was supposed to look like...

I can not blame them for not adding a nose to Abby!

She did not do good standing still!LOL

So Adorable!

Cute Chickee and Proud Momma!
I love these crazies! 

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