Monday, July 28, 2014

Construction Update & Kyle!

Look... They are starting to put concrete on the columns! 

The front pergola boards are up..


The back is looking more like an actual porch is being added on!

Detto moved the palm trees and they are doing amazing in their new spots!

So are the little palms!

Then there was a problem...Apparently when they poured the concrete they broke a sprinkler line, so they have to dig it up and fix it! 

This looks promising! 

The front yard is loving the rain. The plants are going CRAZY!!

I take Bella over to play with Bailey regularly because these two puppies are driving Jackson and Linus crazy!
They play so hard with each other! It is hilarious to watch!

Kyle wanted to show me what he has been building..

That Lego Ship/area/figure (i'm not sure what it is) looks AWESOME Kyle! 
He is getting so big. He is growing so fast. I can not believe how tall he is! 

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