Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ringling Brothers Circus Museum!

The costumes were so elaborate!

Even the elephants were dressed in amazing costumes! 

These brothers were such a blessing to so many people. I love how they each focused on their individual talents and worked together as a family! 

I loved seeing all of the old show advertisements. 

This is the real human cannon!

They even had their own train car for when they traveled.

The cages were cool!

They showed videos of them going through town with the cars to draw people to the circus!

This miniature was sooooo detailed! 

I loved seeing the different acts that they used to have.

They prepared food for EVERYONE who worked there. 

The inside of the ticket cart.


The maintenance car.

The train car was so elaborate, much like their home.

It had a custom made sofa.

Tiffany glass.

individual beds and bedrooms.

a personal bathroom!

Even a china hutch/bar!

I thought it was interesting that they had their own kitchen and chef.

This is the workstation of the man who made all of the miniatures. 

He is so talented.

We really enjoyed all of the displays. 

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