Friday, July 11, 2014

Ringling Brothers Museum of Art!

We are a family who loves art. 

We love the stories behind a painting and the painting itself!

We were there... We actually got to see a Rembrandt!
I tried to take some better pictures of my family in front of it, but the kids looked mad. I'm not sure why, but oh well!! 

I love that the Ringlings were lovers of art and collected it. 

No matter what hard times life brought they refused to sell their art collection. 

What an AWESOME collection!

The story that these paintings tell.

WOW!! I even love the frames. So detailed!

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time!
 I always wondered what she was thinking about in this painting!

The struggles, battles, and victories!

Look at the size of these paintings....

What a blessing to be able to go there and see this! 

WOW!! What was the artist trying to tell us in this painting?

This was a couch. I have never seen anything like this before! 
Alyssa is walking next to it! WOW

This piece was really neat. It was 3-D! Even the frame was so detailed and intricate. 

I love these three.

There was so much to see.
We will have to go back in order to take it all in!

This is a collection of pins.

Broaches! WOW! 
What a great collection!

These paintings are from the floor to the ceiling! They must have been more than 12 feet tall!

Here is Sissy next to one of the paintings!

Look, proof that I really was there!! 

I was so in love with this place!

Stephen and Brooke!

This is a garden area that we didn't have time to check out! 

I'm curious about the statues that go all the way around the top!

Next time... 

Isn't this gate amazing?

This was such a beautiful place to visit and enjoy! 
We will go back! 

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