Thursday, July 24, 2014

ACA Graduation 2014

Alyssa is so adorable with her friends! 
I love that she has made such great friends at this school!

The Second Grade Class sang for the High School Graduation and they Rocked It!! 

Gabe had a solo! Too cute!

Doug Dykstra opened the service with a prayer! 
Can you believe that he is in a suit??

2014 Graduating Class of FOUR!! 

Justice Carrasco was the Valedictorian.

His speech was really good.

Aaron was baptized during the graduation and then changed into his military uniform. I had to giggle at this! He is going to be going into the Marines. 
He is so excited! 

So cute!

Justice did really good!

So cute! 

I'm done!! 

It's over... Little do they know that this is only the beginning! 
I am glad that we had four graduates. It was a great year at ACA this year! 
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