Monday, July 14, 2014

Egg Hunting and Fun!

The Egg Hunt was GREAT Fun to watch! 

Abby was using Detto as her strong protector.LOL

She was scared of Stephen, but she said Uncle Detto was strong and he would protect her.

Feeling the muscles. LOL

What's hiding in his sleeve??

An Egg!! 

Aunt Amy joined in the egg hunting fun! 

She is so cute! 

Look at Jackson... He wanted some treaties too!! 

So cute! 

Abby was showing us all of the eggs that she found! 

Such a Ham!


Reilly is such a pretty princess!

The boys decided that they wanted to play a game!

Reilly showed me her plunder as well! 

Such a cutie! 

We headed inside to open our goodies! 

Kirin made out like a bandit! 

Abby decided it was time to DANCE!! 

We had a GREAT Easter! 

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