Sunday, July 13, 2014

Easter with the Heatons!

The kids and their baskets!! 

They are so crazy!

They dug in... 

Reading the cards and checking out their goodies! 

Here are some of the goodies that Noni made! 

Stephen and Brooke played a game of chess at Noni's and Popi's! 
We ate lunch and then the Egg Hunt began...  

Abby and Reilly got right to work hunting those eggs! 

Kirin, Stephen, and Alyssa also got in on the fun!

They were so cute! 

I love watching them hunt eggs even though they are all growing up so fast! 

Look... Brooke found an egg!!

Abby was hilarious to watch..."I FOUND ONE"!

Isn't he adorable?

Amy found some really neat eggs that you smash over someone's head for good luck! Reilly thought that was a great excuse to get her Daddy! 

I love that Alyssa and Brooke got involved in the fun! 

and timber... Abby crashed! 
She is so funny! 

Kirin got Corinne... do you see the evidence in the background?

Uh oh...Look what Reilly found?

Stephen got smashed with the egg.

He is such a great sport! 
I will show more fun pictures soon! 

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