Friday, April 25, 2014

Mount Dora Quilt Show 2014 ~ Final Post

Look at how tiny this quilt is! The pieces are the size of scraps that I typically toss.

What a great way to use old hankies!

I feel in love with this quilt!
It is such a simple setting, but the details and colors make this prize worthy.

Cat Quilts are so fun!

Another Show stopper!

I love how this forms hearts with the flowers. How original!

I need to make this one! 

I have found myself drawn to homespun quilts lately. 

This one was too cute. I love the dolls. 

I also love how the blocks are set. 
The seams don't match up, but the quilt maker knew what she was doing! 

This sample blew my mind. 
Look at Santa's beard!

What an awesome way to make aLone Star inspired Quilt! 

Look at all of the embroidery.

I really liked the kids quilts. This was so original. 

This show was so much fun to attend. I always feel so inspired by seeing what other people make. 
It makes me want to lock myself into my sewing room and not come out until a masterpiece has been made!

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