Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mount Dora Quilt Show 2014 ~ Part 3

I love looking at Quilts and so does Lisa!! 

Up close you can see so much that you just do not notice from a distance!

Quilts can be simple or intricate and they still say sooooo much! 

I love the use of colors and applique with this quilt!

This reminds me of a very intricate Round Robin! 
One block in the center and then multiple borders or "rounds" to build the quilt.

Blue Quilts draw me to them EVERY TIME!


Each of these is a small hexagon!

I thought that this was such an original way to set the blocks/

I love how the colors change so subtly. 

One day I too will make a wedding ring quilt.

Look at the detail! This is amazing! 

Lisa S wants to make one like this. I see it and think YIKES!!

The booths were really well displayed this year. 

Thankfully there was not much that I could not live without! 

Aren't these so cute?

This vintage look is so appealing to me. 

These cloth birds are so creative. 

I want to make one of these statement pieces. 

The applique on this quilt is so amazing. 

I would love to make one of these as a Block of the Month!

I took SOOOO many pictures that this is not the end of quilt posts! 

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