Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Break 2014 ~ The Ringling Brothers Museum ~ Part 1!

This year for Spring Break we all jumped into the car and headed down to Sarasota, FL.
I have been wanting to go to the Ringling Brothers Museum for several years and this year we finally did it! 

These two are so silly! I love that Brooke loves to have her picture taken!! 

I got a picture of her!!

Oops she notice me with the camera...

This place is HUGE!!

This girl is so pretty!
We arrived just in time for lunch...We ate at a nice out door restaurant!

Isn't this nice?

We were sitting next to a pond!

Look I got a picture of Brooke!!

And another one...

And another one!She is so pretty!


After lunch we headed in to see the displays! 

This painting was HUGE! 

I could not believe all of the details!

The people are life size, so that should help you with the size.

I loved all of the old vintage advertisements that they had displayed. 

Look at what they are doing...WOW

My subjects were in a silly mood, so this was the best picture that I got! 
I will post more tomorrow. 
After this area we headed into the miniature display! 

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