Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 Mount Dora Quilt Show!

Thankfully, this year Lisa and I got to go the Mount Dora Quilt Guild Show together! 
I love our tradition of going together every year! 

This years challenge was strange...

I think they had to make something that described themselves. I think that is a difficult task! 

 Or maybe it was that they had to use a fabric that was pulled from a bag?!?!?! The mini quilts were very cute, but very random. 

I could look at quilts all day! The placement of the blocks speaks such a message to the viewer. 

I love these Baltimore Album Quilts. This is definitely one for my bucket list. 


I love the details on these!

So cute! 

What a wonderful applique/embroidery quilt!

This one is so Lisa! She seems to gravitate to pinwheels.

So simple, but so pretty. I love how each block is framed out. 

Fun for lots of people. 

So tiny!

I love quilt that don't fit the "mold"! Making this one round was a VERY creative idea by the designer.

I wonder if this one was stack and whack?!?!

The quilting detail blew me away!
From a distance you just see a neat quilt, but up close you see all of the time and effort put into this. 

I love that this Halloween quilt was not typical.
It had embroidered "creepy" houses on it. 

Very detailed and intricate.

I caught Lisa taking a "selfie"!

I LOVE this quilt! 

This was really captured my attention. I really like that it is a Christmas quilt, but it was done in non-traditional colors. What a great way to make it more personal.

I love the "window" affect. 
I took sooooooo many pictures that I will divide this up into more than one post! 

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