Friday, April 18, 2014

Bok Tower Part 2

I love these people! 

Detto is my cute tour guide! So adorable! 


Hee hee hee

Brooke's shoe broke, so she walked around barefoot!She is so cute! 

This place is soooo peaceful! 

Detto enjoyed taking a break and just taking in the view!

I love this picture! 
My hubby and daughter spending time together! 

Aren't they awesome?Do you see where they are??
Going across the bridge up to the tower! 
We decided to go on this day because they opened up the bridge so that people could go up close to the door! 

Look, its the carillon player coming out!! 

Isn't this door stunning?

It tells the story of creation!
This is Edward Bok's final resting place. 
He is actually buried right in front of the door to the tower! 

We were able to walk right up to the door! I was soooooo excited! 

I took a few close ups of the door! 

I love that the tree of life has a peep door to see who is knocking!

From the door, this is the view of the bridge!

This place is so peaceful and breathtaking! 

I took so many pictures!! 
I still can not believe that we were there! 
I will do one more post to show you my silly family! 

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