Monday, April 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Dinner Theater Show ~ 2014

We all piled in the car and headed to Orlando for a Valentine's Day Dinner Theater Show!My picture taking started in the car! 

Alyssa was not up for her picture being taken!Stephen, well...

Detto is such a good sport! I love this handsome man! He is so sweet and loving! 

Stephen and Brooke both love to have their pictures taken... LOL
Stephen is more used to it than Brooke is, but she will come around. 

Stephen's theory is more of "don't fight it"! 

I'm still taking pictures! 

She is so cute! 

We went to the Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show in Orlando!! 

 Me and my Valentine!! 

One big happy family! 

We are so wonderful! LOL

More pictures! 

She is still not getting the whole picture thing! Hee hee hee!

Stephen is so good at this picture thing! 

It looks like I broke her! 
Two normal people and two crazies...Which are which?

The cute couple! 

Daddy / Daughter Valentines! 

My LOVE!! 

I love him soooo much! My heals made me almost as tall as Detto! 

Alyssa was not going to share the pitcher of Root beer!! She just stuck her straw in and went to town! 
So Silly!

We really enjoyed the show.It kept us guessing until the end!

Me and my Hunk!

Brooke kept trying to avoid the camera. 
Why fight it?

We even bought the pictures!
It was tons of fun! 
I would definitely recommend this to others! 

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