Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Day out with my Detto!

Isn't he cute??

We went out to lunch together! 
We kept making each other laugh while we were taking pictures of each other. 

Then we headed to Historic Winter Garden!!

Look at these cute cookies at the French Bakery!

I couldn't pass up a trip to Nancy's Quilt Shop!!

We looked at fabric and of course bought some! When I say "we", I use that term very loosely. He looked for about 5 minutes and was ready to go. Then he went out front and sat on the Husbands Bench and waited for me to finish "looking"! LOL 

Then we got coffee and desserts at the French Cafe and headed to the swings in the square!Check out this cute pooch who was out for the day with her Mom and Dad! 
I love my hubby! 
I love that we get to spend time together! 
I am so blessed! 

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