Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stephen's 15th Birthday!! He's DRIVING!!

For Stephen's 15th Birthday we went out to lunch just him and me!! 

We went to Chili's!! 
I love this kid so much! 

He had to get a picture because I was taking so many! 

Then we headed to the...Drivers License Office!! 
He took his Permit Test and...

Passed!! Yippy!! 

He is such a goof! He didn't want me to take his picture, but when did that stop me??

He would not smile, only make silly faces!!

Then for dinner we went out to Cracker Barrel!! He loves all of the attention! LOL 

They ae so funny! 

His friend Tommy came with us to dinner! 

It was a GREAT birthday! 

We went home for some Ice Cream Cake and Presents!! 

Jackson was dying to see what he got!

Clothes!! Yippy!! 

He looks so happy! LOL

Time to blow out the candles! 

Good Luck! Make a Wish!!

They are trick candles and keep lighting back up!! Hee Hee Hee!

He was determined to not give up! 


I don't know who came up with this brilliant idea! 

With practice he is becoming a very good driver. 
He loves all of the tips that I give him!! 

I love this kid so much! 
He is growing into such a sweet young man!

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