Monday, March 17, 2014

Lynchburg Virginia Quilt Shops

I needed another fabric for my quilt, so...

 while Detto was in Class,
 I decided to check out the local quilt shops!! 

Isn't this cute?
This shop was very cozy! 

And friendly! I found the fabric that I needed, and a few other things that I couldn't live without! LOL

I love this sign!! I definitely have contracted Quilt Pox!! LOL

The next day I decided to travel a little out of town and check out some of the other quilt shops! This one blew my mind! 
The picture of the outside didn't turn out! It was raining and the photo was blurry! 
It is a BARN/ Industrial Building! Then the inside is super cute!! 

I found a few fabrics that I HAD TO HAVE!! And the fabrics were very inexpensive!! 
I wish this was closer to home!! 
Then I found this shop! It is an old school house! 
I love the brick! 

Inside was so inviting! There were quilts and inspiration everywhere I looked! 

I was thrilled at all of the different designers they had! 

Tons of Moda on SALE!! 

I love this antique bed that they had displaying quilts! What a GREAT IDEA!! 

I love this quilt! It says "Thing Quilters Really Think", the sayings were really funny! 

They had lots of patterns too! 

There was soooo much fabric! 
The couple that owns this shop were so cute! 
The lady showed me a quilt that she is working on using ALL of the Downton Abbey fabrics!! 
I couldn't take a picture because she is going to sell the pattern! 

I was sooooo excited to touch them and see them in person! 

I love the sign! 

The drive was very relaxing! 

I had an hour in the car by myself.

I listened to a book on cd and enjoyed the views! 

Look, a cemetery!! 

The roads were so pretty! 

It was hard to take pictures because I was driving and.... 

It was raining for most of the trip! 
I will post more of the trip tomorrow! 
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