Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Night Time in Lynchburg!

I love how they had all of their Christmas lights still up! 

They lined the streets with lighted trees! 

Here are some progress posts of one of my projects on the trip! 

I love working on Cross Stitch Projects on Trips! 
Every night Detto and I went out to eat! We really liked this restaurant! 
I love all of the stain glass everywhere! 

They had many interesting items!
After that many meals out, I was ready to have a good ole' fashioned PB & J! 
We tried to find a place to walk around after dinner, but everything closed really early! Like at 6pm! 
It rained most evenings and was icy outside, so we walked around our hotel! LOL
Our trip home was really smooth! 

Lots of sights! 

We made a few stops on the way home! 
I will show you that tomorrow! 

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