Thursday, July 21, 2016

Quilts & Alexander

This is a quilt that Lisa Scarberry and I decided to do together. 
It is a pinwheel quilt. 

This quilt top has been hanging in my closet for YEARS!! I bought the backing and binding more than 2 years ago, but....
I never got around to quilting it! 
Thankfully I finally finished it! 
What a great feeling to finally finish a quilt! 

This is a quilt that was started by some of the ladies at our church.I often get UFO's from people that do not want to finish their project, but want to donate it to the orphans. 

So, I finished them up and send them to be loved by others. This one was only a few blocks and I had to find additional fabric, backing, binding, etc. 
It was a quickie quilt. I finished the top more than a year ago, but I was excited about trying out this new quilting technique so out it came. 
I love having quilt tops ready to throw on the frame when I want to try a new pattern.
If i mess up the kids wont know or care, so I get a lot of stress free practice. 

This is a special quilt.I started this almost 5 years ago as a Quilt of Valor quilt and then I hit a bump in the quilting road. 
Back of the pile it went....

I finally found the right sashing and setting, so...I finished the top and almost immediately quilted it. 

I pieced the backing with left over fabric.
This was mailed to a unit with several soldiers who were having to get out of the military because of their injuries during a deployment. 
I am not sure who received it, but I did get a thank you letter in the mail. 
I even made a matching pillow case per QOV requirements. 

I'm loving that I got to spend almost all summer with Alexander! 

He loves to eat my necklaces.

Such a happy baby. 

Oooo, something else to put in my mouth!Yummy!

Oh no, I dropped it! 

He is so adorable! 

He loves the sound of crinkling paper.

So sweet! 

This everything quilt is going on the frame. 
I love that I have a longarm!! 

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