Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Quilting, Alex, & Abby!

 Here is some of the feather quilting that I've been working on!
 Also, I've been working on some new free-motion techniques! I love the progress!
Alex loves music! I love that Stephen sat on Detto's lap while he played piano and now we are able to watch Alex react the same way his Daddy did! 

He also love being on the swing!

He's so precious!

Abby loves checking out baby Alex!

Such a sweet boy!Grandma is in love!! 

I love cuddling with this wiggle!

Abby decided that she wanted Uncle Detto to teach her piano.

She figured one lesson would be enough!

She's so much fun!

I love this angel!

Abby loves to cuddle with Alex.

Abby, Alex, and Detto watching a movie! 

Cousin LOVE!!Abby is such a mother hen.

These two are a handful.

This is Lisa Scarberry's quilt that I FINALLY got on the frame!

Quilting details. I love how it turned out!

This is one we did together as a quilt a long.

The edge of this turned out great with the swirls! 

Another finished quilt! Front

&&& More random quilting!


I've come so far in my longarm quilting! 
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