Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wedding Reception ~ Mongiovi Wedding 2015

After the wedding we headed outside for some pictures! 

Alex loves his Pupa G.

Wedding Party!

Jason was so cute playing with the kids!

Alex was loving playing with Uncle Jason! 

So cute! 

I love the way they had the cake set up! 

It's time to cut the cake! 

I love these two!

Time to tell secrets! LOL
She looks so mad.... but still so cute! 

Dance with her Daddy! 

Abby was adorable. 
she wanted to dance sooooooo bad, but was letting Brooke have her special moment! 

Father and Son! I love these guys! 

Stephen wrote the most beautiful vows!
They made me cry! 

The newlyweds first dance!

So cute! 

So in love!

It was a beautiful event. 
I let the photographer take the pictures and I just enjoyed myself, but I really want a copy of those pictures!! 
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