Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kiara's Quinceanera and Family

I LOVE that she had a Disney Princess Theme!! 

The cake was AMAZING!

such good friends!! 

Happy 15th Birthday!!

Soooooo, this quilt finally made it to the frame!! This was a Joann's Quilt a Long that I started when I first started quilting. I finally found the right backing for it. 
I have been working to quilt all of my quilt tops and finish my UFO's!! 

So, Bubba got a job at Chipotle!! 

We had to go and check him out!! 

I love that he's trying to hide, but....
Some of his coworkers are posing for the picture!! 
Then we dropped Sissy off at church for her trip to CIY!! 

She's so funny!

They went to Tennessee!

I got to stay home and play with Mr. Wiggles and Giggles! 

He's so funny!

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