Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Trail & Liberty University

We finally headed back... It was so pretty the time flew by!

Look what we found!

We then drove to George Washington National Forest to go swimming at some falls! This is the creek that we passed on the way. 
It was SOOOO COLD!! 

I didn't make it in very far!

The kids and I spent the rest of the week hanging out and going to the mall and movies! On the last day we decided to check out the Liberty University Campus!! We had a little picnic together... 

Then we went to the Liberty Museum!

I loved this chandelier!

This place was awesome!

Even Alyssa liked it! 

The Jerry Falwell Family Heritage!

The kids even got to meet him. LOL

Sissy really seemed to enjoy herself!

Such a pretty campus!
When Detto was done with his testing we loaded up the car and headed to Washington DC.

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