Friday, April 17, 2015

Hiking in Virginia 2014

We hiked to the top to have lunch! It was a good hike!

I love this girl!I love her hair!! 

Proof that I was there! LOL

Such a lovely girly!

Alyssa enjoyed the flora too!

This is right before we got to the top.

The view from the top!

Proof that we made it! 

 We had lunch and Stephen took time to write in his journal. We passed some nice hikers and then... 

I found a way to take a group photo!
Here is our little party from left to right - Stephen, Alyssa, Me, Kami, and Alura

There was no cell reception all day, but then my phone rang. If I stood in this exact spot I was able to check in with Detto. 
He happened to be on break and had NO IDEA where the kids and I were hiking! I assured him that Kami our fearless leader knew where to go and that we would be back in time for dinner. 
More of our adventures tomorrow...

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