Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Library of Congress

We took the tunnel from the Capitol to the Library of Congress.

Look we made it! My lovelies! 

Look it's me and my babies. 

Sissy was excited to see a Paul McCartney poster!

I love that there was a whole Bob Hope section! It was so cool!

There were so many details. If someone isn't looking in every direction, they would miss a lot.

This place was breathtaking! 

Even the skylights were stained glass and detailed.

I loved these lady authors pictures around the library.

These were in each corner of the room.

Check out this room!

There were sayings all around the room.
I like that the "U's" were in the shape of "V's". 
I wonder why?

I took a panoramic picture of the place.
I will post more tomorrow.

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