Friday, April 24, 2015

Inside the Capitol Building Part 2

I love all of these paintings and statues. 

This is around the top of the Rotunda.

It tells the story of the early Americas.

This is a movement box.It measures any shifts, quakes, or tremors. I thought it was a great addition to protect our national treasures.

This is one of my Favorite statues.

Very impressive!

I love that anywhere your head turns there are unexpected details.The chandeliers are amazing.

I did not expect to see the office of the Speaker of the House here.I thought the offices were in a different part of the building. It hard to think of the Capitol as a working building and not a museum.

Check out this chandelier and molding.
We left the Rotunda and went to the part of the building where the original Congress met.
If will have those pictures for tomorrow.

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