Thursday, April 23, 2015

Inside the Capitol Building

We signed up to take a guided audio tour of the Capitol Building!

Look at this candelier. 

Let's go listen and learn!

Everywhere I looked I was amazed!

They were in the process of repairing the dome when we went.I wonder if it is done by now? This was last summer! LOL

The artwork was an unparalleled record of our nations history.

Women that changed our country!

The swearing in of George Washington!

The Rotunda!

We looked around the circle and saw carvings, statues, and paintings commemorating the founding of the nation, wars, and our first Presidents!

Our guide did an amazing job pointing out each painting and statue and telling us about it!

I took soooo many pictures of the tour that I will have to do several posts showing the inside of the Capitol Building! 

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