Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Volleyball 2013!!!

I was sooo happy that Alyssa decided to play Volleyball again this year! 
She is really really good at it! 

I could not believe how much the girls on her team had improved from last year! 

She is so cute !

I love my girl! 
That smile is GREAT!! 

They not only won... they stomped the competition! Can you see the score?
15 to 8!! 
What a GREAT improvement! 

They were soooo happy to win this game! 

They played some tough teams this year! 
I am so proud of their season!

They are so cute! 

Sorry it's blurry, but she kept moving... LOL

Here they are at the end of the game! 

MY Little Girls is growing up too fast! 
I hope she will never forget the sound of her Biggest fan (Mommy) cheering for her! 

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