Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Morning at the Mongiovi's ~ 2013

Christmas Morning was awesome this year! 
First we opened our stocking in Mom and Dad's bed! 

Then we headed downstairs to open the rest of our gifts! 
 Stephen and Alyssa got lots of fun stuff! 

Detto also got some great gifts from the bestest wife in the world! 

Stephen was so excited that he got his... CYMBALS!! 

I love the faces that they make! 

This girl is so gorgeous! 

Stephen got a new quilt from Mommy! 

and so did Daddy! 

I made quilt for Daddy's Music Studio! 

Then... I made a Superhero quilt for my favorite people! 
They look like they like it! 

Sissy asked for a lot of great stuff! 
I loved watching her try on her new stuff! 

I love how the tree looks free and less cluttered...after the presents are opened. I love my family sooooo much! 
I love our tradition of eating a HUGE Christmas Breakfast and then watching Christmas Movies together! 
I have the bestest family in the whole world! 

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