Monday, December 16, 2013

Night of Joy - Part Two!!

On the second night we brought Julie & Tommy with us! 

Notice in the first picture we are dry...We got SOAKED within the first 10 minutes of being at the Park! 

Me and my Baby Girl! 
She is already taller than me! I love her sooo much! 

Look at Rapunzel's tower! Cool Right?

We had to visit the Haunted Mansion! 

These are so funny! 

We really enjoyed riding as many rides as we could! 

Sissy is so funny! 

And we went on the new Pirates of the Caribbean! 

I could not believe that this ceiling was painted... It was in the ladies restroom! Only Disney puts that much thought and creativity into a restroom! 

These kids are so much fun to be around!


Then we visited Belle and Stephen was chosen to be apart of the show!!! 

He was Chip! 

It was tons of fun! 

And look who we saw!!! 
Aunt Jane! Yippy! 

This boy is CRAZY!! I love him! 
Overall we had a blast! 
Two night of rides, laughs, bands, and tons of fun! 

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