Thursday, December 19, 2013

Abby's Birthday & Mount Dora Christmas Walk!!

We all got together to celebrate Abby's 4th Birthday! 
She is so cute! 

Stephen decided to get her a Fart Gun! She loved it! 

She wanted to go eat Mexican food for her Birthday! 
Then she kept saying that she was farting in everyone's food with her gun! 

After we were done eating, we went to Downtown Mount Dora to enjoy the Christmas Walk!! Stephen and the Mount Dora Drum Line was playing! 

He is soooo amazing! It blows my mind how talented he is! 

He looks mad here, but he was jumping all around! He was loving every minute of playing for the family and the crowds! 

He kept letting little kids play the drums! These kids draw quite a crowd!! 

Abby was cracking all of us up with her dance moves!! 

She wanted everyone to dance with her!

I couldn't get a good picture of her, she was wiggling too much! 
Check out the video's of the kids playing music on youtube, Here, and here

After we were done listening to Stephen play we went over to visit SANTA!!! 

I love these pictures! 

She just loves Santa! I love how happy she was. 
I miss my kids being this little! 

Such a sweet smile! 

Bye Santa! 
We walked around for the rest of the night listening to different music and enjoying the lights! 
I love where we live! 
It is the perfect small town! 

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