Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making our Annual Gingerbread Houses!!

This year Alyssa and I decided to make a whole Gingerbread House Village!
She didn't want her picture taken! LOL

Julie helped us! We had 5 houses, so we sure needed help! 

We even made shrubbery! 

They are coming along! 

We have been doing this for enough years that we have figured out that it is easier to decorate the pieces of the houses first and then put them together! 

Julie really liked the icing gun! I was a little scared!

Look at our Christmas tree that we made out of fondant! 
 Here is MY contribution! 

Here is the beginning of our Village! 

We also made a little "sprinkle" bush! 

"Baby it's cold outside"! 
Do you see the "Baby" on the side??
This was soooo much fun! 
We laughed and ended up covered in icing! It was a BLAST!! 

After many attempts at putting the Village together, we only ended up with 4 houses! 
One somehow got eaten! 

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