Saturday, December 10, 2016

Baking and Quilting!!

 I love baking!! I think there is nothing more heavenly than the smell of bread baking! 

 I have made several loaves of sourdough bread!
I love sourdough bread. I do not love working with the starter. LOL

 I have been cranking out some quilts on the frame as well!
 My longarm has been such a blessing!! 

This is an applique quilt that I started several years ago!  It has hung in my closet waiting to be quilted and finally... it's turn has arrived!
I really enjoyed all of the custom work on the individual blocks!  
This has been worth the wait. I am thrilled with the end results! 
 I have also enjoyed working on my teapot quilt. This quilt also needed lots of custom quilting. I did feathers in the border!!!
I LOVE the look of feathers on a quilt! This one turned out GREAT!

I really wanted to finish some of MY QUILTS this year. I have donated sooooo many quilts to other people. It really meant a lot to finish so many of my UFO's!

Some of my favorite quilts turn out to be what I call my "everything quilts"!

They are the left over blocks, scraps, and mistakes from other quilts. Often pieces that didn't turn out the right size, shape, or even color combo that I was going for in a particular quilt. 

I throw all of these left overs into one big "everything quilt" to be used as a quilt that my family can use and abuse. We often drag these quilts out in the yard to have a picnic or to look at clouds. 
These are the quilts that are added to bed when you are a little too cold.
These quilts end up on the floor, in the car, in the yard, in the wash over and over. 
These are the quilts that I look back on and remember all of the mistakes, love, and effort that went into my other quilts. 
The scraps that are left behind after I pray over a quilt and send it to its new home!

I love that I can use up thread left over from other projects and binding that just wont fit in any other quilt.

This quilt is so much fun! 

I love the quilting that I did on this one. 
It is an allover that makes me think of teardrops!
Quilts make me smile!! 

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