Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pumpkin Hunting 2015

I love my Hubby! 

He definitely makes me laugh!! 

 I was blessed to be able to visit him for lunch and this is the result! 

He was goofing off for the pictures, butthe whole time he didn't realize that he had his napkin tucked in his shirt! 
The joke was on him!! LOL

I love my Detto! 

I took some impromptu pictures of this boy who is growing up way too fast!! 

I love all of the faces that he makes! 

Then all of that laughing and smiling wore him out! 

So adorable! 

Thank goodness for his nap...

We went on the annual pumpkin hunt! 

Alex found one...

My Sissy girl is so awesome! 

Alyssa had to inspect them to find the perfect one! LOL

Alex thought any of them and all of them would do! 

I love my family! 

She's so funny! 

Look, I was actually in a picture too!! Moms everywhere are loving that its ok for us to take selfies, otherwise we would NEVER be in any pictures! LOL
I am blessed beyond measure!

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