Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pet FISH - Prince Eric and Life!

Alyssa has a new pet - A beta Fish. She has named him "Prince Eric" P.E. for short. She has had him for about 3 weeks now and I am amazed at how intrigued she is by this fish. She remembers to feed him without being told (most days). She likes to talk to him and now she is trying to "train him". Can you train a fish? She is trying to train him to kiss her finger when she puts it in the bowl. She wants to pet him. I have to laugh at her innocents! I am glad that she is liking this new pet. We are going to need a bigger bowl soon. I don't like having to change the water every week!!

Stephen is doing very good with his drumming. I love that he practices every day. Today I was teaching Alyssa English and all of a sudden I heard Stephen playing. He finished his work and instead of playing video games or "doing chores" while waiting to work with me - he will go and practice his drumming!! He is becoming better every day!! I am amazed at his talent! God has truly given him a gift!!

Detto has been swamped. He was determined to grill the other night, but we are so busy that it was dark before he was able to get started! He decided to grill about 20 sausages, since it was so late anyways! Sometimes I wonder about his reasoning!! I had to get a picture of him. He has been sooo busy lately, I want proof that he is actually around!! Hahaha! Hopefully God will lift his load soon! Just pray for him!!

We are halfway done with our art class and the kids are still thrilled! It is great! I don't have to remind them to do their homework. They absolutely love it! They are learning so much. Mr. Thom is a great teacher. He is friendly, encouraging, and the kids love him!! I am looking forward to next years class already! They are learning shading and color blending! It's just great!
I have been sewing up a storm this week!! I have been staying up late every night! Except last night. I was in bed by 10:30pm, that is early for me. I was just exhausted from such a long day. I am 3/4 of the way done on my "My Blue Heaven" Quilt!! The blocks look great!! Here are some of my hourglass blocks. See how the middle looks like an hourglass? I love to sew!! I will have the other half done, hopefully today before Alyssa's baseball game.
By the way... Alyssa's team won on Tuesday night. They won 12 to 4!! And... Alyssa made it home for the first time. She is a great hitter and consistently gets her teammates home, but the hitters after her are not strong hitters. She normally makes it to either 1st or 2nd base and then someone behind her gets out!! Well, Tuesday she was the last hitter and so the beginning of the lineup started again and someone hit her home!! Alyssa was on third and bases were loaded, we were down by two... One of her teammates hit a home run and she was finally able to make it all the way home!! Yeah!! I have told her another way to make it home is to hit a home run, but she laughs whenever I tell her that!! Oh well! I hope we have another great night tonight!!
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