Monday, April 6, 2009

New at this

Well, I have finally broken down and started a blog.
I am new to blogging so I might be doing this different from everyone else!!

I homeschool my two kids Stephen and Alyssa!!
They are such great kids and I know that I am truly blessed!! They love school and most days they do their work without being asked. Now don't get me wrong they do have faults, but you have to look really really close to find them!!

Right now I am in the process of trying to figure out what curriculum to use for next year!!

I have decided to use Shurley English again, this is the best English curriculum I have ever found!!! It is amazing!

Saxon math 7/6 for Stephen and I am going to try Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics book D for Alyssa. Alyssa is a Right Brain learner and Saxon does not work for her. She needs to move at a slower pace. Saxon introduces a new concept every day and MCP introduces a new concept every few days.

We will be sticking with ACSI for spelling and a Reason for Handwriting!! I love looking a the front of the handwriting book and then looking at what they are currently working on. It is amazing to see the change/progress!!

I will be using Greenleaf Press for History! We will be studying Rome, Greece, and Egypt! Maybe we can get Detto (my husband) to take us there!!?!!

We will be finishing Considering God's Creation for Science! We didn't get very far in this book this year. I started it with my best friend Lisa, but then she moved 2x's and our co-op went down the drain. We have started picking it back up, but we have definitely lost momentum.
We are currently taking a homeschool art class through our local library and I hope to take the next class next year!!

I am really excited about the FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association) conference coming in May. It will be held in Orlando and promises to be lots of fun!!

I always wonder why the majority of homeschoolers that I know don't go to it!! It is tons of fun. There are thousands of homeschoolers from all over Florida that come to it, but most of the Lake county'ians dont want to go!?! I love going and looking at all of the books, listening to the speakers, and going out to eat with friends!! For me it is a great chance to research what curriculum I want to use! It is a bit overwhelming to look through hundreds of booths, but it is still lots of fun!!

Today was an odd day for us!! We went to Detto's dads grave at the cemetery with my mother-in-law!! I haven't been to the grave in a long time. We went to spruce it up. Ora planted daffodils and other flowers. Here are some of the pics! I included the before, during, and after. I feel so guilty that he still doesn't have a headstone! I took Ora to look for one and I think she picked one. She picked several actually, but I think we are going to go with a double headstone. It will cost $1400! This was very dreary thing to do today. I think that it was dreary, because of the heavy guilt and the fact that it was VERY overcast and raining off and on! Alyssa started crying, because she didn't want Nana to die! It was a very emotional day!!
I am tired and will write more later!
Love ya'll and welcome to my blog!
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