Friday, April 17, 2009

Postage Stamp Quilt

I know, I know.... I must have lost my mind, But...

I have decided to start a "Postage Stamp Quilt"!!

For those of you who are scratching your head, let me help you. A postage stamp quilt is a quilt made up of thousands of little pieces of fabric.

These are what inspired me:

Yesterday & late into the night, I spent time cutting up my scrap fabric into pieces and strips.

I have decided to make mine 2" X 2" squares. I know that is small, but it will be sooooo pretty!!

I cant wait to start. The only problem is I cant start this project until I work on some of my UFO's!! I am going to use these as leaders and enders to make both projects move along faster!!
I am starting another quilt a long next week with my quilting buddy Lisa!! Yeah I cant wait. It will be a 12 week project!! Here is a quick pick of what the blocks will look like:

I am going to be using different fabric and colors, so mine will be a little different. I am so excited!
This is my fabric for the quilt!!

I have finished two more baby quilts this week for prego ladies in my life. It seems like everyone around me is pregnant!! Wow! I am also going to try and organize my sewing area...soon!

I know that making this postage stamp quilt will help with my scraps! I had 4 walmart bags full of scraps and now with all my cutting and prep for this stamp quilt I am only down to one and a bit!! Yeah!!
I have been reading alot about scrap busters lately. I am thinking of joining a scrap busters group!! Their whole purpose is to not buy new material, but to make quilts out of all of your left over fabric / scraps from other quilts that you have made. I have made over 15 quilts and so I have tons of scraps.
Alyssa started her first quilt yesterday and was thrilled. She is using the princess fabric that I bought while I was in Nevada earlier this year. She is going to make a mini quilt. It will be 15.5" X 15.5"!! It will be the perfect size for a beginner. Her accent colors are pale green and of course PINK!!

She helped measure and then she said "Mom, you cut please. I don't want to cut off my finger!" I had to laugh! She is very wise for only being 8 years old!! (For those of you who don't know this. I cut off part of my left hand pointer finger last year while cutting fabric!! It grew back some and all of my nail grew back. You cant tell unless I hold up my hand!)
Well, off we go into the world of quilting. Once you step in, you will never get out! I am going to work on a little each week with her and we will probably finish it within 3-4 weeks!! I am going to let her do all of the sewing! She practiced sewing straight lines yesterday. She also learned how to thread the machine and put in the bobbin!! She is an amazing girl!

I will be posting her progress and of course mine! See ya soon!
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