Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Garden

Alyssa and I have started a garden this year all by ourselves. Alyssa's friend Tammy (whom I watch after school) has helped some, but mostly this has just been the two of us.
This is the original planting!!
We started it at the end of February and we are still planting in our garden!!
We started out planting just Broccoli and Cucumbers! We bought plants and started them that way!! But that would have been too simple!!

Now we have lots more. Alyssa's garden fever has started. Every time we go to the store she wants to look at plants and seeds. We have added green beans, Zuchini, Watermellon, carrots, and lima beans; which were all started from seeds and then added to the garden. Today Alyssa decided to add lettuce. We planted those directly into the ground. I know it is a little late in the season, but she didn't care!!

We had to ask my son Stephen to help us make a bigger space. Both Alyssa and I were sore from digging up the ground! Stephen almost doubled our space!! But thank goodness he broke the hoe and so we will have to stop here!!
It has been great watching her face light up as she runs to the garden to see what else has bloomed or doubled in size!! Today she pointed out that ALL of our green beans are making their way up the fence. Yesterday they werent that far along!! It is amazing to see the growth each day!!

Even Tammy asks if she can water the garden or help with the weeds. I don't like for them to "work on the garden" without me!! I am scared they will pull up the plants!

Alyssa asked me if we could pull up some of the carrots to see how big they are! I had to laugh (Lisa do you remember?) because I did the same thing with a different garden!!

I hope that everything turns in to huge county fair prize winning veggies, however I will be happy if they just grow and not die!!
Here is the garden now! It sure has grown!!
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