Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring is OVER

Well, We are back in school. We eased our way back into a full blown school week! It is hard to get back into the swing of things. Expecially after taking off TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!

We are loving getting back into it though!! Alyssa is doing a unit study on Pilgrims this week. It is so much fun!! We are taking things slow so that we absorb as much as possible!!

I am moving along on my postage stamp quilt. This is all I have done SEW far (haha sew, get it - so). I have cut ALOT MORE 2" squares!! This is a great project to work on while doing others!!
I am working on a quilt called "My Blue Heaven" by Bonnie @ Quiltville!
The other thing I am thrilled about is that I will be able to use my 115 half-square out of my scrap pile!! These have been sitting for a few months waiting for the right project!!
These are my starter triangles!! I will make these into hourglass triangle blocks and stars!! I am trying to do some scrappy projects to avoid spending any money right now!! I have lots of blue fabrics in my piles!! (I did buy a few 1/4 yard fabrics - JOANN Fabrics had everything 50% off!!)
I also just finished this quilt top for my sister-in-law Margarita who is pregnant with another BOY!!! Yeah!! This will be her 4th child!! Yeah!!
And... This is my first block in the Quilt-A-Long!!
Lisa, Isnt it great?? This isnt week #1! I think this is week 4! Lisa and I precut all of the fabric before she left for Nevada. Now we are quilting one block per week together (well, apart)!!
I really like this quilt-a-long!! It is soooo pretty!
I loved our spring break because I was able to sew - ALOT!! And I got most of my sewing area organized!! I wont show you pictures though - I am not sure if anyone but me can tell it was cleaned! I love that I am reducing some of my fabric stash!! I am really enjoying this stash-buster thing!
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