Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quilting Rocks!!


I have had a blast Quilting this weekend! My parents took the kids and so I have Friday and Saturday to catch up on projects!! I got so much accomplished! I was able to finish 3 baby quilts and make my EASTER table cloth / Quilt! See isn't it cute? (It looks like there is something wrong in the lower left corner, but it is the angle of the picture. This top is made up of different blocks that I got from my Block Swap that I did on CAFE MOM!! I love Quilting Mom's!!
I had already made the tops to the baby quilts (I made those earlier in the week), however I was able to baste, quilt, and bind all three without kid interruptions!! Yeah Me!!

I love to quilt. I realized that I work best when my work area is sorted, but messy. I wasn't sure what fabric to use as backing or binding for one of these quilts and then I saw "The FABRIC"! It was peeking out of a pile of fabric! It was so bright and colorful and the fabric YELLED (yes, fabric talks to me!)! It Yelled "HEY USE ME! I WILL BE PERFECT FOR THAT QUILT", so I was obedient and listened!! I used it and it looks great!

This is the backing Fabric!!!

The same thing happened with the binding fabric!! Wow!
I also was able to catch up on my BOM (block of the month) Blocks! I hadn't don't the blocks for March or April. So I cut and pieced those! I am loving this BOM.

March Blocks

April Blocks!
There are actually two blocks per month!!
Quilting is so enjoyable to me! I woke up early to quilt today (on a Saturday ~ WOW)!!
I feel so great when I have finished a project and it looks so neat!! I love to quilt.
I was also able to get my fabric packs together for my quilting class on Thursday (there is still time to sign up, if you haven't already! I only have 3 more spots to sign up NOW!!)

I am really excited about this class!! We will be making a mini quilt!
Alyssa was the reason behind the class. See, I bought a new sewing machine a few weeks ago. It is about time, the one I had before was not meant for quilting. It was designed for someone who was going to hem a few pairs of pants or make a few Christmas gifts. Not someone who enjoys POWER QUILTING! I kept having trouble with the machine overheating, so I saved my meager pennies and bought myself a better machine. The new one is meant for quilting. It is so great, I love it!! Anyways, Alyssa asked me if she could have/use my old machine. I love that she is so interested in sewing and quilting. I asked her what she wanted to use the machine for... and that's when she asked me if she was old enough to learn to quilt!! I said of course you are!! And now I am teaching a quilting class!!
I also took a few pics of my MESS / CREATIVE sewing area to show you where I work!
I don't mind the clutter. I organize my area once a month so it doesn't get too bad! I like that I can watch movies or listen to music while I am quilting and sewing!! It makes it more enjoyable for me!! I wonder if other quilters listen to music or watch movies while quilting??
Well, I am thrilled with all that I accomplished these last two days! I hope I can stay on a roll and get more done!! This is supposed to be a busy week so, we will see!!!
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