Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Block at a Time

”I try to approach life the same way I approach a quilt – One Block at a Time! Hopefully I will have a masterpiece in the end” -Lisa Mongiovi

I was trying to encourange my buddy to take on a new sewing project and came up with a new saying! I love it!!
I have done this and gotten so much sewing done this weekend - so far!!! I stayed up late Friday night and Sat. night sewing!! I am working on a quilt called "My Blue Heaven". While I am doing this I am also making lots of 4 patches for my stamp quilt! I am soooo excitied!
I have finished almost all of my hourglass triangles. I have finished 77 and I only need 90!! Yeah 13 more to go!
Here is my inspiration. I dont know if you can see what it is.... It's Fudge. I have to use a fork so I dont get fudge on the fabric. It really helps me work! Some people drink coffee - I use fudge... It's the same high, I think!!!

I woke up this morning and realized I have haven't shared my view with you!! I love the view in the morning out my bedroom window.

I will miss it when we move! Yes, we are thinking of moving!! Just pray for us!! I look outside at all that green and it overwhelms me. God takes care of each plant, bird, bug, and flower. I know that if He is doing all of that - what kind of plan is He laying out for me? I just have to trust and pray - I know everything will work out!!

Look what I made for Sissy -

I saw this fabric at JOANN'S and couldn't pass it up! It spoke to me and said "I want Alyssa to wear me. She will dance and spin and I will feel the breeze!" I had to get it. I must say I was inspired by some friends as well. Their daughters looked soooo cute in their little sundress!! I might change the ribbon that I used for the straps for Sissy's. I dont think the bow's are big enough!!

This week I plan to start another Baby Quilt for someone in the family!! I love that so many people are having babies! I am finally at the place where I can say that I am not sick with Baby Fever!! I have been secretly been jealous of all you BABY MACHINES. But now that I have Chloe 3 days a week, it has helped me recover. I am getting to the place where I am glad when she comes in the morning and glad when she goes home. I dont get a whole lot of sewing done when she is here. She isn't crawling yet, but she will be soon. I am remembering the next stages and realize that I am about to be getting a whole lot less work done while she is here! But thats ok. I dont know if I could imagine not watching her. She brings so much joy to my family. The kids love her, I love her, and yes, even Detto is addicted.

Lisa please forgive me but...

I also made another one of my Quilt-A-Long Blocks. I was supposed to wait for Monday but... I couldn't wait. I will have Chloe Monday-Wednesday and I didnt want to wait all the way until Thursday. I know this is just an excuse, but I didn't want to wait!!
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