Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I don't understand why so many people say how can you watch other people's kids! I only like my own kids. I think all kids are great!! They all have such different personalities and they say the funniest things.

We made cookies in our Stars group the other night and the girls were hilarious. They kept saying "I can roll out the dough, I help my Mom in the kitchen every night"! Now we all know that is just not true! They maybe have helped mom twice in the last year. It was so great to stand back and watch them destroy the cookies. They put sooooo much icing on the cookies that it kept sliding off and hitting the floor or their shirts! It was great fun. I don't know how she managed it, but Mia had flour in her hair and all over here face. They had lots of fun!!
I watch kids all day every day for everyone I know. Over the summer I will have between 2 (mine) and 9 kids, depending on the day and the week!!
I love having kids around! I wish I could have more!! I know that my kids also love it!! They love having other kids to play with! It also helps them get their work done! They know there is someone waiting on them that wants to play!! I love watching the kids in their imaginary worlds! My favorite is listening to them say "Now you say 'I'm gonna get you' and then I say 'Try it and see'"!!! It is hilarious! They are so into whatever game they are playing, they don't even notice me watching!! I love it!!
We have a great playground for them to play on and I think that helps! Having somewhere for the kids to play!!
I wonder if I charge enough??
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