Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Art Class / Park Days!!

I love this new formed homeschool group in Lady Lake! I set up an art class through the Lady Lake Library and it has formed a Lady Lake group. The kids love it! We have art class on Wednesdays and then after class we all go to the park and eat lunch and let the kids play for a few hours. I am really liking this! The kids are loving it.
They have made so many new friends and the ages of the kids are spread out enough that there are plenty to play with.
Stephen played football with the boys and they played for over an hour. This was great for the girls, because it kept the boys away from the equipment and they were able to play peacefully!
It was amazing!! No arguing or fighting occurred at all. If was a beautiful day. We needed jackets for a short while, and then the sun heated things up and it was perfect. We really enjoyed it!

We had to leave early, because Stephen was struggling to breathe and so we needed to come home and do a nebulizer treatment, however he is doing fine now! The kids didn't want to leave!! Which is strange, because are normally ready to go after about an hour. We were there for over 2 hours!!
I am glad they have kids their ages to play with!!
It makes for a happy homeschooler. I believe it is the parents job to socialize their homeschoolers. Playing at the park, taking an art class, enrolling them in sports, are all great ways to ensure your child is around other kids. I have seen how well my kids play with other kids and it makes my heart swell with pride to watch them work things out or work through a disagreement with another child.
Today some of the mom's were commenting on Alyssa's "natural leadership skills"!! She had all of the girls lined up and was leading them around. They were all getting along great. She and the girls were searching for acorns!! I don't know what they were using them for, but they sure did have fun looking for them. It was a great day.
I don't remember when they had such a fun day playing with other kids (other than Kyle or their cousins)!! I am so pleased I could just laugh out loud!!
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