Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break Week 2

We are having a great Spring Break so far! We are on week two and loving every minute of it.
Yesterday we went to our Art Class and then we had a picnic at the park with our friends. The kids love going to art and to the park. It makes a great mid week break from our routine!!! We played at the park for a few hours. The Lady Lake park is so nice, they just added new playground equipment! Stephen played basketball with the other homeschool boys and some kids who were on spring break. They played for over an hour! I was tired just watching!!
It was a lovely day for being outside!
After the park the kids wanted to invite some friends over, so....
Alyssa and the girls dressed up and put on several plays for me and Sam (the kids mom)!! The boys played video games and played outside until... just a note here Alyssa is a very strong willed girl! I wonder where she gets it from?... Alyssa coerced the boys into joining her acting company. Then all of the kids put on a "Western Themed" play for us. It was so cute to listen to them talk with a "twang"!! It was so much fun. We are going to have to have them over again. The kids really enjoyed it.
I love spring break. I love the way the air feels this time of year. I love that the temperature is just right for playing outside! It really gives me a boost to finish off the rest of the school year! I cant wait for school to start next week. I have been watching kids all week, which is loads of fun, but I miss spending one on one time with my kids. I love homeschooling and being able to share and talk to the kids. Its not just me talking / teaching, every lesson is a dance. There is input from both sides. The kids ask sooooo many questions, it makes me feel like there are really getting it!! I am so blessed to be home with my kids all of the time.
I love them so much and it is amazing to watch them grow!
Well, today is another day. We start our quilting class today. Wish us luck!!
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