Sunday, May 3, 2009

I have finished it - kinda

I have finished my top for the "My Blue Heaven" Quilt I have been working on!!
It took me all week to piece it!! Yeah! Isn't it great?!?

This is it before I had all of the rows sewed together!

This is my hubby holding it up for the pic. He had to stand on the couch and it still touched the ground!!
All I need to do now is find fabric for the backing!! I love it. I added a little red, but you cant tell unless you are up close!! I might add a border - What do you think?

I love it and I used up SO MUCH FABRIC FROM MY SCRAP STASH!!

It is really a great feeling of accomplishment every time I finish a quilt or quilt top. I think I am addicted to the feeling. I love feeling like "I did this on my own"! I really like that I only spent $10 on fabric to add to this quilt. I needed more neutrals, but those will be used for more scrap projects. That is one thing about all of the scrapbuster projects I have been finding - they all call for lots of neutrals. Joanns had a ton of fabric for 50% off, so... I felt it was worth it to spend a few bucks and get versitile fabrics that can be used on a few projects!!
I am searching for another scrap buster project that will be as fun as this one!!

I also made a baby quilt top. It turned out cute. I did this in the crazy squares. My measurements were 9", 6", & 3". I love the black and white. I bet my family cant guess who this is for? I hope they like it! I wanted to make something, but our taste's are so completely opposite.

By the way Stephen has bronchitis. He is feeling better already, but I stayed home with him because he is still contagious. He has a follow-up appointment on Monday. Becuase of his Asthma he gets bronchitis easily, the dr. told me it has to do with is bronchial tubes being irritated and then he doesnt breath as deeply - something like that.

Also on a side note, I WON THE LOTTO!! Sort-of! I NEVER play so I have never won. I got a flyer in the mail - buy one scratch off ticket get one free, so yesterday when I went to get gas I bought a ticket. I am so out of the loop - the guy behind the counter asked me what number I wanted?!? I didnt know what he was talking about and so I told him - "You pick for me! I have never played!" Well, he gave me this HUGE TICKET it said Bingo Bucks (or something like that). I was complicated, not just scratch it and see if you won. So I waited until I got home to figure it out. Well, I read the directions on the back (see I am really new at this) I bet you didnt know they had directions on the back!! I had to play bingo on the card. After I had scratched all of the numbers I started looking for "Bingo"! Well, I found one, but instead of being a line it formed an X across the game. On the side of the card it said one line = $10 and an X = $500! I took the card back to the store to see if I was reading it right and the guy said you have to take this to Winn Dixie or Publix we cant cash out $500 at a gas station!! Everyone in the store started saying "Hey, she just won $500! Congrats!" I was in shock, I thought I had read it wrong and only won $10. But I went to Winn Dixie (it was closer than Publix) and they gave me $500 Cash!! Wow! The woman who cashed out my ticket was shocked when I said that I didnt want to buy anymore tickets. I figured my luck cant be that good, why mess up a good thing!! I guess this is how people get hooked! I have never won before in my life. I guess the saying is true - I never win the Lotto because I never play!! Well I cant say that anymore. I dont know what I am going to spend the money on - so far I filled up my gas tank, gave Detto $100, and we went out to eat last night - Taco Bell - Big Spenders Right!! Maybe I will go to Joann Fabrics....
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