Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finishing My Quilts

I have decided not to start any new projects until I finish some of my UFO's (un-finished objects- Mom this is for you because you said you don't know what my acronyms stand for)!! I cant believe how much fun I am having finishing these old projects. I had a couple hanging on a quilt stand waiting for quilting, binding, batting, etc. So.... I am finishing them. I had one that I completely forgot about. How could I do that???? Yikes! It was the first one I finished. All it needed was the binding, so... I searched through my stash and found the perfect binding. It didn't take me very long to finish it. I cant believe that I waited this long to finish it. What was I thinking? After I finished it, I made Detto "Pose with the quilt". Isn't he cute?

I love the back on this one!!

Then I started on my other one's. I have sewn the starting binding onto another one, but I am hand sewing it down. (Mom, this is quilter talk. First you machine sew the binding to the front side of the quilt and then you blind stitch the back by hand!!) I cant wait till that is done. I will start quilting one after church tomorrow and hopefully I will baste another quilt tomorrow. (when you baste a quilt it is actually pinning all three layers together - top, batting, and backing!) I will be posting pics as I get stuff done!! I would have gotten more done this weekend but.... We went bowling again.
It was so much fun. We went with Kirin and Ishana. They are so cute!! The kids love to have their cousins over and so do I. The girls spent the night last night after Samantha's Surprise B-day Party. It was alot of fun. John bought Roman Candles for the kids to shoot off!! They loved that! After the party the girls came home with us and spent the night. Ishana always falls alseep first. She is so cute! Alyssa and Kirin played dress up until approximately 1am!! Then they woke up around 9am and watched cartoons!! Silly Girls! I love having them over. They are all so innocent and I love to watch them play together. Samantha just got out of the military and gave the kids her uniforms. They all loved it. Even Alyssa and Kirin, those two kept saying they were "Princess Soldiers"! They were marching around bowing and saluting each other!! Too Cute. Ishana even wore Sam's Dress Blue's to the bowling Alley. She didn't want to take it off!!
I am so glad we got to spend time with them today.
But, tomorrow will be more quilting!! Also, I got a box from Lisa today. Yeah. It had the cutest "musical / musician" fabric in it! Thanks Lis! She also added some books for the kids and... a great quilt label for my "Round Robin"!! I love it! I will take a picture and post it before I send it out! I am so jealous of her machine it does "Letters and Words"!! She had a really "spiffy" machine! One Day, Maybe, Oh well, I can dream.....
Stay tuned for more progress, coming soon!!!
p.s. A wise quilter said "A finished quilt is better than a Perfect Quilt"!! I agree
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