Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend - Homeschool Convention!

We went to the homeschool convention this weekend and boy was it great!! They have the FPEA Homeschool convention every year on Memorial Day Weekend!!
We went down on Thursday and stayed thru Saturday! It was a FULL 3 Days!! Wow!!
I went to the speaker sessions, while Detto and the kids hung out by the pool at the hotel! It was great for all of us!! I found a great math program for Alyssa. I really hope it works!! I took two classes on math - 1. Math Wars & 2. Choosing the right Math Curriculum for your child! Both were very helpful and compared the curriculum's that are available. It helped me to see the different styles and to pick the style that I think Alyssa will understand the best!

I also enjoyed searching the curriculum hall for fun things for me and the kids to do next year. They were with me for some of the time and so I was able to get their feedback. The kids really liked seeing all of the books and stuff. They each picked out a hat. They also got to play at some of the science and toy tables!! They also liked jumping on the bounce houses that were set up specifically for the homeschoolers. The convention center has a movie room for the kids and outside activities. It rained so much that the kids only jumped on the bounce houses on the last day.
We really lucked out with our room. We were able to get a 1 bedroom suite for only $69 per night! We ate in the room to save money! It was actually nice after walking all day, I was exhausted and didn't want to do anything but sit. My feet hurt everyday and my brain was fried. It is alot of info to take in in only three days! I am glad that I did it. I was able to get all of the books for next year. The only thing that I have left to buy is Rosetta Stone - Spanish. I was going to do it last year, but life happened. So I am planning on buying it over the summer!!
When we got home all I wanted to do was sew! Everywhere I went all I saw was patterns. Detto kept laughing at me. I see quilting block patterns everywhere! It made me miss sewing. I came home and finished my round robin block!
Isn't it great?
Last night Detto and I watched a movie and I ironed the entire time. I ironed all of the pieced to my newest quilt! It was a ton of pieces - over 800!! But, I got them all done! It doesn't look like that many, but let me tell you! It is alot of fabric!!
We slept in today! Today we plan on hanging out w/ Ora & Grilling Steaks!! Yeah - I love Steak!!
Then later on we are going to take the kids bowling! Amy said that John & Sam might come too! They got back from Missouri on Friday! I cant wait to see if Samantha is "showing" yet???
Over all even if we don't do ANYTHING ELSE - I have had a great Memorial Day weekend!!
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